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    As soon as Yin Qunli went upstairs, he saw a captain of the intelligence department standing in front of his office. As soon as the captain saw Yin Qunli, he quickly said: "Chief, I came right after being informed by the employee." duty officer. I thought he wasn't in the office, I thought he was joking with me, and was about to go into the office to bother him."

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    Early the next morning, Ly Nhat Han washed up, under the service of Muc Thanh Uyen, had breakfast, then someone informed the driver that the car belonged to him, saying that he was going to the Investigation Bureau's office. anti-smuggling investigation. do something. business. This was the only reason why Li Yixin could have reasonable contact with the bodyguards.

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    The current situation is that Yuan Shiheng has nowhere to go and has to hide in the super high school, so Yukio Fujita feels he has the absolute initiative so he deliberately does not explain to Yuan Shiheng the reward and What was the status of Yuan Shiheng and his subordinates. will be available in the future.

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    Although he could argue that traitors like Li Denian were infiltrated before he arrived at the Stone City branch and had nothing to do with him. But anyway, he is currently in charge of the Stone City branch of the General Secret Service, and the responsibility for the traitor will definitely be assigned to him by the special high school.

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    While Li Yixin was thinking in the office, Wan Chunping quietly cut the phone line No. 36 in Xiangheli from outside, then put on the uniform of a telephone switchboard maintenance worker and put on makeup, changing a facial features, and carrying tools on his back. The box walked out the gate of Ly Nghe Han's house.

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    After Mr. Hau finished speaking, he took out his paper and pen and quickly began to write. Not long after, Laohou finished writing instructions for Li Yixin and placed them in the envelope that Che Mei brought. Afterwards, Old Hau went to the kitchen to find some rice, sealed the envelope and gave it to Che Mei.

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    But Yan Fuzhi was still old and cunning, he suppressed the disgust in his heart and replied: "Okay, I have no problem. Xiao Yin will be responsible for your safety in Stone City, He will be here 24 hours a day. This house There is also a secret siren set up outside the house by his subordinates, responsible for monitoring any unusual behavior around the house. house. You can tell him something, Yan will leave now."

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    Yin Qunli's proposal made Yan Fuzhi a little emotional, indeed he was very happy to see such a situation, but Tian Zhengtaro had just made it clear that he would not tell Li Yixin about this at this time.

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    Seeing Nobunosuke Murakami's expression, Ly Nghe Han asked with some doubt: "Mr. Murakami, are you...?"

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    Seeing Li Yixin directly calling Director Yan Fuzhi's name, the action team captain became even more cautious, he replied: “We are hunting down Communists in the city according to the orders of the super Taijun conveyed by Director Yan . ……?”

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    Observe to see if there are any traces at the corner of the stairs. Ho Vinh Cuong passes by there every day and pays special attention to it, in case comrade 'Owl' gives instructions and he misses them.

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    Seeing Director Lu's appearance, Zhong Qiangen knew that the crucial moment that would determine the success or failure of his mission had arrived. He quickly smiled and invited Director Luc into the room, saying: "Chairman Luc, you're here, how are you? Has my identity been verified by my superiors with the Far Eastern Intelligence Department? We haven't met many people." difficult for the couple. If you stay here, you will only be able to sleep on the street for a short time. Come, please come in."

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    This is definitely not a problem. I will give them orders later. These anti-Japanese elements cannot be allowed to escape.

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    Then, he put the letter back in the dead mailbox, quietly left the forest, found a breakfast restaurant on South Street, ordered some steamed buns, porridge and pickles and ate.

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    At this time, Yukio Fujita realized what Wen Mien's real purpose was in coming to see him today. The discomfort felt by his friends of the imperial army was all nonsense. The secret police headquarters made Wen Mian a little excited Yes, I want to install my own people.

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    Of course, Li Yixin didn't dare to be too serious. He also stood up and said to Hideki Nomura: "Nomura-kun, you don't have to be polite, this matter is between the two of us. A fortune together, hahahaha."

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    Suddenly, their door was knocked several times. Zhong Qiangen felt a bit strange, the couple didn't know anyone in this small district, who came to find them? He put down the book, walked to the door and opened it, only to see the head of the Luc security department and the person in charge of checking when they entered the district standing outside the door.

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    Yasuo Takeda came out and nodded when he saw Wang Sufen, who was a little scared of him, pointed to another room and said, "Go to that room and wait for me."

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    At the same time, Lao Hou also told Li Yixin that he would temporarily serve as secretary of the underground party organization in Stone City for Xu Wenwu, and that he would go to Stone City in the near future.

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    Got nothing to say? You really disappoint me! I'm just warning you not to get involved with Ly Sang anymore. Hmph, you don't know, and you do it secretly, these things are actually not a problem. , but there are many things You don't know, Li Sang is involved in a top secret plan, You are not qualified to know this plan, and your secret surveillance will bring unpredictable risks to this plan!" Langtao got to the ground and kicked him hard, he said in a particularly incomprehensible way.

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    He read and re-read the misinformation carefully and basically memorized it completely. As an intelligence officer, Takeda Yasuo's memory is quite excellent, which is also a great skill for an agent to possess.

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    For Chen Shizu, the interrogation tactics used by Taro Tanaka were conventional and effective. Although Tanaka Taro didn't think much of Chen Shizu, who peed his pants in fear as soon as he entered the interrogation room, in order to force Chen Shizu to tell the truth, Tanaka Taro still captured Chen Shizu as usual and threatened him. serious .

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    After Fuchs left, Dagon opened the map again, his eyes lingering on the location of Yaya village for a long time. No—he kept emphasizing in his heart—we can't take Yaya village now. Egg Island is in an important phase of construction and development, the work now is to build a foundation to become stronger in the future. The terrain of Egg Island limits the scale of development here, and Manwang City will be an important step for Dagon to break free from the shackles of the hot spring cave and embrace the wider world.

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    Unfortunately, they discovered that the storage room and technical equipment room had been completely burned down, not a single piece of paperwork remained, and even a lot of equipment in the technical equipment room was completely burned. completely, making it impossible for them to save. survey.

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    In fact, Li Denian in the cell clearly heard Yin Qunli's conversation with the guard outside the door. As soon as he saw Yin Qunli walk in, he couldn't help but smile bitterly and said: “Chief Yin is indeed a good person, he dares to visit me at this time, I have no friends with him. you are useless. No matter what, I will definitely accept your favor.”

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    So Ly Nghe Han asked: "After that person arrived, where was your position?"